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Personal Profile: Creating artwork for 20 years. Art influenced by Tasmanian nature, used to handcraft bags, pendants, greeting cards.

Studies: 3rd year Fine Arts Degree UTAS, majoring in printmaking.

     – Handspun yarn and handspun/knitted and hand dyed hats from my sheep: Sooty, Shawn, Misty, Cocoa and Spot.
     – Bag fabric professionally printed with my artwork designs together with some fabric sourced from Spotlight.
     – Printmaking for the past 12 years and water colour paintings for over 20 years.
     – Use original artwork to handcraft pendants, brooches and rings.
     – Jewellary made from quality photographic copies of original artwork, set under glass cabacheons, set on lead and nickle-free metals.
     – Hand dyed roving.
     – Dyes are extracted from natural plants, including weld, madder, wattle, Eycalyptus, as well as commercial acid dyes and food colourings.